Prepare Your Clients for the Vaccine Rebound in Discussions on Risk + Financial Planning
Asset Managers
Offer a Digital Client Experience Showcasing your Strategies for Different Versions of Inflation
See Aggregate Exposure of Your Assets + Revenue to The Fed's Unprecedented Moves

Advisor Platform

For Leading Edge Advisory Firms
Leading wealth management firms use the HiddenLevers Advisor Platform to gauge client risk tolerance, stress test portfolios, and build recommendations that limit risk while meeting future goals. With custom proposal generation, advisors can generate branded proposals to present risk tolerance, fee attribution, stress tests, style and sector breakdowns, and much more.

Risk Monitor

For Executive Teams
HiddenLevers provides true business intelligence for C-Suites of Financial Institutions - monitor risk to assets (AUM), clients, revenue, and profitability from the entire firm all the way down to the individual advisor's book of business. With customizable monitoring and visualization of risk, asset flows, asset drift, and firm-specific KPIs, executives can manage growth and complexity in real time.
Monitor risk across an entire firm, stress test an advisor's book of business, empower your management team with analytics to drive growth.

Asset Manager Platform

For Marketers + Wholesalers
Use HiddenLevers to stress test and perform comparative analytics on individual securities, portfolios, households, and models. The platform analyzes stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, annuities, SMAs, real estate, options, and currencies, and also enables the upload of return series to analyze virtually any private investment. Portfolio construction, portfolio optimization, and investment screening are powered by econometrics and factor exposure, and fund decomposition by sector / style / geography / asset allocation rounds out a comprehensive analytics platform.
Stress test any security or portfolio against dozens of economic factors. Stress test clients, households, portfolios, or individual securities with precision.

How It Works

Stress testing powered by big data and correlation analysis of millions of relationships between economic indicators and investment assets.

Find the Connections

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HiddenLevers uses big data to measure millions of relationships between the economy and investments. Interest rates affect home sales and oil prices, which impact the price of Home Depot stock. We uncover these links for 35,000+ investments.
Research-driven macroeconomic scenarios to stress test economic events from the Financial Crisis to forward-looking scenarios.

Ask the Big What-ifs

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HiddenLevers' research team creates scenarios to model recessions, crises, and other economic events, using historical research and analysis on how economic indicators are correlated.
Combine investment asset and economic variable regression analysis with research-driven scenario assumptions to deliver high quality stress test results for clients, households, portfolios, and securities.

Model the Impacts

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In a stress test, investment performance is projected using the relationships measured in step 1, applied to the scenario assumptions in step 2. If a scenario forecasts oil to rise, and Exxon is correlated with oil, then Exxon will rise in that scenario.

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Assets on HL Platform: $112,328,200,988

About HiddenLevers

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HiddenLevers is a risk technology platform providing next-level applications for the wealth management space. With over $500 billion in assets on our platform, HiddenLevers offers client-facing and home office solutions aimed at executives, financial advisors, asset managers, and portfolio managers. The cloud-based platform includes a cutting-edge macro-scenario library, portfolio stress testing, model construction, investment proposal generation, and enterprise risk and revenue monitoring. HiddenLevers remains a self-funded company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

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