HiddenLevers: Portfolio Stress Testing

Raise client confidence, win prospects, and find hedges with stress testing.
What if deflation grips the world economy, resulting in slow growth and poor market performance?
Stress test it

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Win More Clients

Take a nebulous risk tolerance conversation and give it life with economic “what-ifs” that the public can relate to. Use our comparison report to compare a client or prospect portfolio with your recommendation.

Showcase Hedges

Use real-time stress test results to show how different investments perform in economic environments. For example, show how your separately managed account or put option moves up in an S&P drawdown.

Manage Client Expectations

Whether you want to quickly calm your worried clients, or give high-net worth individuals white glove treatment, the HiddenLevers risk profile can help. By putting a portfolio in proper context and addressing fears head on, we will help you be exemplary.

How It Works

1. Find the Connections

HiddenLevers uses big data to measure millions of relationships between the economy and investments. Interest rates affect home sales and oil prices, which impact the price of Home Depot stock. We uncover these links for 35,000+ investments.

2. Ask the Big What-ifs

HiddenLevers' research team creates scenarios to model recessions, crises, and other economic events, using historical research and analysis on how economic indicators are correlated.

3. Model the Impacts

In a stress test, investment performance is projected using the relationships measured in step 1, applied to the scenario assumptions in step 2. If a scenario forecasts oil to rise, and Exxon is correlated with oil, then Exxon will rise in that scenario.

About HiddenLevers


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HiddenLevers is the premier portfolio stress testing platform for financial advisors everywhere. Advisors use the correlations engine and easy user interface to help clients understand risk in portfolios, showcase hedging strategies, and compare portfolios in context of several macro-economic outcomes. The stress testing toolkit also includes macro themes for those interested in using scenarios and economic trends to effect tactical asset allocation.

Advisors are able to use HiddenLevers for portfolio management needs like risk monitoring and stress testing, as well as fiduciary needs like client-friendly explanation and presentation of risk. HiddenLevers helps advisors manage client expectations with portfolio stress testing.
Praveen Ghanta Cofounderman Praveen Ghanta is responsible for the HiddenLevers engine and product development. Praveen has a deep background in financial technology, having built credit derivatives trading and risk management systems at Deutsche Bank. Previously, he founded and led SmartWorkGroups, an online collaboration startup, until its acquisition by Intralinks (NYSE:IL) in July 2000. Praveen is also the author of a SeekingAlpha certified blog called TrueCost, which looks at economics and government policy through the lens of cost-benefit analysis. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Bachelor’s degrees in computer science and economics, and a Master’s degree in computer science.
Raj Udeshi Cofounderman Raj Udeshi is responsible for business development. Raj has a background in Emerging Markets sales and trading, at Bank of America Securities, GFI Group, and Enlace S.A (boutique LatAm inter-bank broker). On the Street, Raj dealt in interest rate swaps, credit risk derivatives, inflation-linked bond swaps, and FX options for the G7 and Latin America. Raj was previously a member of Xolia, a fin-tech startup whose decision-making technology helped users choose the right online broker, life insurance policy, and credit card for their needs (Xolia acquired by GetSmart.com in 2001). Prior to HiddenLevers, Raj was Head of Business Development for Social Amp, a social media analytics startup and Facebook Preferred Developer (Social Amp acquired by Merkle Inc. in 2012) . He is a graduate of Northwestern University and the Pepperdine School of Law.
Steve Zuschin Businessman Steve Zuschin is a key member of the HiddenLevers team, leading RIA sales and contributing to business development, operations, and marketing. He has a deep background in financial services, having worked in a number of roles at Northwestern Mutual. Mr. Zuschin is a graduate of California State University – Chico with a Bachelor's degree in finance. He is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild for his work in a groundbreaking commercial involving the sale of his beard.
Joonas Niiholm Everythingman Joonas Niiholm is responsible for economic research and software adoption at HiddenLevers. Joonas uses his experience spent as a financial advisor to shape HiddenLevers for advisors. His previous role as economic researcher at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Estonia allows him to contribute research to HiddenLevers economic scenarios. He is a graduate of Syracuse University with bachelor’s degrees in public relations and economics.
Suhail Ali Backendman Suhail Ali leads system integration and public API development at HiddenLevers. Suhail has over 15 years of experience in Technical Consulting in the financial services, telecom, insurance and credit card processing industries. Prior to HiddenLevers, Suhail was director of product development at Axela Technologies. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with bachelor’s degrees in computer science.
David Bedell Middleman As Middleman, Dave is responsible for taking Brian's work and handing it to Suhail. He wonders what might happen in a world where people can communicate directly via computer (or smart-phone!?), eliminating the need for Middlemen like himself. For now he feels secure in his job.
Brian Rittenhouse Frontendman Brian is a very busy man, too busy to write this at present moment.
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Winter 2014 Oil Crash white paper published showing success of HiddenLevers correlations model.