Financial Advisors: Create an interactive journey and own the conversation on macro risk

Unparalleled Client Experience

Advisor Platform

Investment Proposals Quickly and easily generate robust, branded proposals for prospects and clients.
Model Blender The Model Blender helps advisors to blend multiple strategies and see the impact of the blend on risk, total return, asset allocation, and yield - enabling advisors to create custom solutions for clients with ease.
RTQ Capture client risk tolerance with a mobile-friendly questionnaire, or consider HiddenLevers Elite to customize questions + scoring methodology.
Stress Testing Stress test your investment portfolios using over 80 built-in scenarios, or change economic assumptions on the fly to create your own scenarios.
Fee Analysis Analyze and compare investment costs and advisory fees of clients and prospects.

Investment Proposals

Modern, Accessible Output Create elegant, custom branded investment proposals within seconds that are suitable for non-quants. Compare your recommendation to client or prospect portfolios, and build proposal templates from a variety of analysis modules:
  • Scenario-Based Stress Testing
  • Fee + Expense Analysis
  • Performance History
  • Historical Drawdowns
  • Risk + MPT Analytics
Present better client proposals that combine the value of stress testing and risk metrics.


Comprehensive Client Workflow Advisors get a streamlined journey taking a prospect or client through risk tolerance, pulling in current holdings + goals for a diagnostic, and building recommendations. With those components in place, advisors can generate a variety of client-facing output:
  • Investment Proposal
  • Interactive Stress Testing
  • Risk Profile Comparison
  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Investment Policy Statement
A HiddenLevers workflow to close more new business and service existing clients more efficiently.

Live Stress Testing

Prevent Panic Selling Address client concerns quickly and guide the conversation towards economic events that matter more for their long-term goals. Use up-to-date economic scenarios to stress test stocks, bonds, ETFs, structured products, equity options, and non-traded alternatives. Adjust macro assumptions on the fly to compare the risk + reward of portfolios and models in a thematic upside/downside conversation.
Stress test any security or portfolio against dozens of economic factors. Stress test clients, households, portfolios, or individual securities with precision.
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