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HiddenLevers API

Scenario Library Educate your audience by surfacing HiddenLevers economic scenarios in your platform, based on risk parity and offered as hyper-visual infographics.
Stress Testing Engine Give your users the ability to run an impact analysis on an allocation or portfolio within your platform, based on your own risk model.
Risk Profiles for Securities + Portfolios Surface risk analytics, traditional MPT stats, fees, and other interactive portfolio analysis modules on your platform.
Cashflows Engine Take your users financial planning inputs and get back a full cashflows data points analysis, including expenses, shortfalls, contributions + withdrawals, and income.
Proposal Generation Engine Turn your platform's portfolio analysis offerings into a properly formatted investment proposal, complete with your own branding, collaterals and legal disclosures.
Regressions Data Feed Bring HiddenLevers econometrics data into your spreadsheets or portfolio analysis environment to use with your risk models.
Access and API Keys Public Demo API Key and Demo Accounts HiddenLevers provides a demonstration API key so that developers can test out the API and integrate it into their applications with ease. We have instituted a simple, single public beta key system to let anyone try it out. The API key is required for all endpoints. All API requests also require a corresponding user account to be specified (you can create one below):
  • The public demo beta key is demo_api_key_8675309_hl
Create a demo account here to pass in with your demo API calls: The public API key and demo accounts are subject to rate limit constraints and return static example data for a fixed portfolio. HiddenLevers API: Step to Going to Production If you are interested in receiving a live API key so that you can receive live responses, please contact HiddenLevers sales: Contact Sales to Upgrade Your API Additonal HiddenLevers API Usage Notes
  • The user account associated with the API key is used to configure a variety of HiddenLevers model settings which impact API results, including the default scenario set used for stress testing.
  • As per our section 5A of our terms of service, we require all apps that use the HiddenLevers API to conspicuously display "Powered By HiddenLevers" attribution marks where the API is utilized. You may be asked to provide screenshots of your attribution placement.