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Asset Manager Platform

Robo PM Consultant Extend your investment strategist's reach using Automated Insights™ and the model improvement workflow.
Tablet Apps Customizable applications for your sales team, suitable for tablet and tradeshow kiosks.
Insitutional-Grade Proposals Generate output for use with rep-as-PM advisors and institutional money managers.
Robo Wholesaler Website tools to enable self-discovery and strategy selection by advisors.
Correlations Data Feed API link to pipe HiddenLevers analytics into your portfolio construction environment or analysis platform.
Allocator Workflow Connect model/portfolio improvement workflow directly to trading execution platforms or CRM.
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Death of a Wholesaler

Extend Reach

For PM Consultants Give your PM consultants a bionic edge. HiddenLevers automates the time-consuming operations to allow consultants to reach out and touch more advisors. Create customized proposals and analysis in minutes, not hours with on the fly macroeconomic scenarios!
  • Hedging wizard
  • Auto Benchmarking
  • Real time analytics and stress testing
Optimize portfolios and hedge risk with HiddenLevers asset manager hedging wizard.


For Hands-on Advisors Reinvent the Asset Manager website experience by allowing advisors to see your products in the context of their own portfolios. Drive high quality lead capture, model capture, and self-discovery of financial products all from your own website. Let advisors upload their own models and introduce on the fly analytics + stress testing powered by our model blender.
Precisely target portfolio risk and return using the HiddenLevers model blender.

Give Advisors Context

For Wholesalers Use HiddenLevers interactive stress testing to compare and contrast advisor models to yours in over 100+ economic what-if scenarios. Have your own views or outlooks? Input your own market views into our system to model unlimited potential outcomes. Show off your products in the ways advisors use them – holistically.
  • Address every macroeconomic concern financial intermediaries have for their client’s portfolios
  • Demonstrate value in context of a fully allocated portfolio
  • Visualize how your products help to improve model performance and mitigate risk
Compare multiple portfolios, models, strategies and securities with HiddenLevers risk profile comparison.
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