What happens to your portfolio if... inflation rises?

  • Just as doctors stress test heart patients, financial advisors use portfolio stress tests to gauge investment risk in different economic scenarios.
  • We start by asking questions like, "What happens if the economy falls back into recession, or global deflation takes hold?" - over 75 scenarios in all.
  • Our model measures the impact of these scenarios on your investments using history as a guide, giving you a clearer picture of the risks to your portfolio.
  • HiddenLevers' software measures millions of relationships between the economy and investments. Interest rates affect home sales, which impact the price of Home Depot stock. We uncover these links for 35,000+ investments.
  • The software then uses these data points to project how your investments might react to a future scenario.
  • Each investment in your portfolio is tested against over 75 scenarios in this manner, with the results summarized for easy understanding.
  • After completing three short steps, your investments will undergo a full stress test.
  • An advisor will contact you with the details of your stress test, and to discuss any particular concerns that you may have.
  • The advisor will walk you through potential risks to your portfolio, and can recommend a plan of action to protect against those risks.


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