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Why does stress testing matter?
Frequently Asked Questions What is HiddenLevers? HiddenLevers is the premier portfolio stress testing platform for financial advisors everywhere. Advisors use the correlations engine and easy user interface to help clients understand risk in portfolios, showcase hedging strategies, and compare portfolios in context of several macro-economic outcomes. The stress testing toolkit also includes macro themes for those interested in using scenarios and economic trends to effect tactical asset allocation.

Advisors are able to use HiddenLevers for portfolio management needs like risk monitoring and stress testing, as well as fiduciary needs like client-friendly explanation and presentation of risk. HiddenLevers helps advisors manage client expectations with portfolio stress testing.
What is the difference between Riskalyze and HiddenLevers?
  • HiddenLevers offers in-depth risk portfolio stress testing and portfolio analytics capabilities, and also offers a customizable risk tolerance questionnaire. Riskalyze focuses on an adaptive risk tolerance questionnaire and provides a proprietary risk assessment capability.
  • HiddenLevers offers an integration with Riskalyze for those advisors that prefer to use the Riskalyze questionnaire and augment it with HiddenLevers' advanced stress testing and analytics.
  • Advisors that prefer to digitize their existing risk tolerance questionnaire can use HiddenLevers to manage the entire risk assessment and alignment process on one platform.
HiddenLevers sounds interesting, but what's the benefit for advisors? Advisors agree, HiddenLevers brings value by:
  • Attracting new clients and AUM
  • Increasing client confidence and referrals
  • Showcasing strategies against specific Macro concerns or events
  • Satisfying heightened fiduciary standards
Please contact HiddenLevers at 800.277.4830 or click here to schedule an online demo.
How much does HiddenLevers cost? LPL Financial has negotiated special pricing for LPL Financial advisors, please see the pricing chart below. How do I use HiddenLevers with LPL Financial software? HiddenLevers has been integrated into WealthVision (eMoney) and MoneyGuidePro. Please use the following setup guides to get started with the LPL integrations:

HiddenLevers – WealthVision (eMoney) Reference Guide

HiddenLevers – MoneyGuidePro Integration Video

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