Investment Proposals
Quick and easily generate robust, customized proposals for prospects and clients.
Simplify the conversation on macro risk with our comprehensive proposals.
Investment Proposals is one of HiddenLevers most popular client-facing outputs We've built a next-level risk-forward interactive proposal system that streamlines anything you're doing manually in-house. With HiddenLevers Proposals you have the ability to compare your recommendation to client or prospect portfolios, and build proposal templates from a variety of analysis modules including:
  • Scenario-Based Stress Testing
  • Fee + Expense Analysis
  • Perfomance History
  • Historical Drawdowns
  • Risk + MPT Analytics
You've worked hard to build a reputation of excellence and we want to help you maintain it.

The Benefits of Proposal Generation

Illustrate your data + Simplify the Conversation Illustrate the impact of economic risks on portfolio models, current clients and prospects' holdings with our investment proposals.
Own the Macro Risk Conversation HiddenLevers' Economic Research team creates a new scenario every month to reflect economic events in real time.
Create Unparalleled Client Experience Our client-ready reports help to enhance your presentations and client/prospect meeting.
Customize + tailor your proposals to meet your client's needs There are many different ways to customize HiddenLevers proposals to complement your brand including:
  • The color & logo in the header and footer
  • The "Primary Color”, “Font Color” and “Primary Font”
  • The number + arrangement of proposal modules
  • The ability to add your own cover page
  • The ability to add additional files + marketing pages
Users are also able to create proposal templates. This allows you to create multiple versions of the Proposal so you can easily switch between various setups. Do you want to show a 50 page report to a potential prospect, or a 5 page report as part of an annual review? We make the switch a one-click process. Want to see a sample HiddenLevers investment proposal? Click below for our pdf. Download Proposal
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