The HiddenLevers Core Team

Praveen Ghanta Founder + CEO Praveen Ghanta is responsible for the HiddenLevers engine and product development. Praveen has a deep background in financial technology, having built credit derivatives trading and risk management systems at Deutsche Bank. Previously, he founded and led SmartWorkGroups, an online collaboration startup, until its acquisition by Intralinks (NYSE:IL) in July 2000. Praveen is the author of, which looks at economics and government policy through the lens of cost-benefit analysis, and also serves on the Board of Councilors for the Carter Center. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Bachelor’s degrees in computer science and economics, and a Master’s degree in computer science.
Raj Udeshi Founder Raj Udeshi is responsible for business development. Raj has a background in Emerging Markets sales and trading, at Bank of America Securities, GFI Group, and Enlace S.A. On the Street, Raj dealt in interest rate swaps, credit risk derivatives, inflation-linked bond swaps, and FX options for the G7 and Latin America. Raj was previously a member of Xolia, a fin-tech startup whose decision-making technology helped users choose the right online broker, life insurance policy, and credit card for their needs (acquired by in 2001). Prior to HiddenLevers, Raj was Head of Business Development for Social Amp, a social media analytics startup and Facebook Preferred Developer (acquired by Merkle Inc. in 2012). He is a graduate of Northwestern University and the Pepperdine School of Law.
David Bedell Middleman Dave Bedell really is the Middleman, as he's in the middle of the fray as HiddenLevers' development team lead. He keeps things moving between core application development, devops, code reviews, and the occasional wacky product improvement idea.

Dave has written code in everything from Common Lisp to C, but manages just fine these days with new-fangled frameworks like Vue. Dave's claims to fame include hanging with Linus Torvalds back when Linux was a garage band, and these days playing bass with a real Latin jazz garage band in the Bronx.
Joonas Niiholm Enterprise Minister Joonas is a jack of all trades, whose role at HiddenLevers is split between SQL bro-gramming and relationship management. Joonas spends most of his time at the HiddenLevers HQ, but outside the office Joonas is an accomplished pianist, theatrical performer and philanthropist. Joonas has a bachelors degree in economics and public relations from Syracuse University. Before his stint at HiddenLevers, Joonas worked as an economic researcher at the ministry of economic affairs in Estonia, making him the most Estonian member of the HiddenLevers team.
Suhail Ali Backendman Suhail Ali leads system integration and public API development at HiddenLevers. Suhail has over 15 years of experience in Technical Consulting in the financial services, telecom, insurance and credit card processing industries. Prior to HiddenLevers, Suhail was director of product development at Axela Technologies. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with bachelor’s degrees in computer science.
Brian Rittenhouse Frontendman Brian is HiddenLevers' Front-end/UI Developer. He spent 6 years with the US Army in a Military Intelligence role, studying graphic design and web development in his free time. After his time in the Army, Brian held positions as a Creative Director and UI/UX Designer while he continued to transition into his role as a Front-end Developer.
Jeff Baker Businessman Jeff assists the HiddenLevers team in sales and business development. Jeff leverages his prior experience as an investment analyst to support product development as well as developing new business relationships. Prior to working at HiddenLevers, Jeff held investment analyst positions with UBS and Raymond James. Jeff is a graduate of Northwestern University with a Bachelors degree in economics.
Dhwani Patel Code Ninja Dhwani is a Full-Stack Developer at HiddenLevers and is responsible for developing and maintaining the company's front-end, application, and database software. Besides development, she enjoys teaching kids. She is a graduate of Dharmsinh Desai University with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science.
David Ristau Everythingman As Everythingman #2, David works in multiple areas from business development to relationship management and enterprise engagements. David is able to use prior experience in the fintech space to create product ideas, develop new business relationships, and support client needs. Prior to HiddenLevers, David ran two financial technology startups in options trading and RIA back-office technology. David is a graduate of Lake Forest College with a Bachelors degree in Philosophy.
Terrell Cheaves Frontendman #2 Terrell Cheaves is a front end application developer at HiddenLevers and is responsible for developing and maintaining the company's user experience and user interface design. Terrell has over 10 years of development experience in digital advertising, cloud, telecom, and financial industries. He is a graduate of Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in interactive media and a master’s degree in information technology.
Audrey Satre Operations Superhero Audrey assists the team in project management and customer relations. When she's not aiding the product dev team in the release of new features, she uses her prior experience in marketing to build and maintain positive relationships with HiddenLevers users. She has made it her goal to ensure that users are utilizing HiddenLevers to its fullest potential and are consistently aware of how the latest updates and newest features can be used in their client workflow. Audrey is a graduate of Emory University, with a degree from the Goizueta Business School in Marketing and ISOM.
Clark Jeffries Finance Bro Clark is a recent graduate of the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia where he studied Finance and traded options. He assists with business development, customer support, and marketing. Clark spends his time off by hanging out with his dog, playing basketball, watching UGA football, and funneling his salary into speculative bubbles. Currently, Clark is preparing HiddenLevers for the release of the HLCoin, which will revolutionize how the world pays for investment advisory services and transactions. Contact Clark to invest.
Alyssia Maluda Lead Whisperer Alyssia contributes in a variety of front office roles. From manning the lead intake to threatening dead beats with cancellation, Alyssia can deliver a message and get it done. She previously reviewed contracts and client agreements in the back office of a sports law firm. Now, her client-facing talents have space to flourish. Alyssia is a graduate of the University of Michigan, with a BA in Political Science + International Studies.
Andrew Miller Platform Sherpa Andrew came to HiddenLevers from the renowned RIA Krilogy Financial, and was previously at Stifel. Over eight years in financial services, he has organically built a resume that fintech dreams are made of – developing innovative solutions for data management, process optimization between PMs and advisors, and exceptional problem solving for user workflows. After a long time beta testing and implementing new technologies at a large RIA, he decided to leap into fintech, at the firm that actually listened to his feedback. Now he concentrates on grooming the HiddenLevers dev pipeline, wireframing new functionality, and managing the aggressive release schedule. Andrew is a graduate of Saint Louis University, with a degree in Economics.
Yesenia Malone Full Stack Diva Yesenia - Yessie is a full stack developer who keeps HiddenLevers running smoothly. As a bartender in a previous life Yessie knows how to have a good time - she makes the best mojitos and is the head of the party planning committee . A modern renaissance woman, Yessie’s interests range from the fine arts to creating the perfect mud pie. On her off-time, Yessie changes the world by tutoring aspiring devs to achieve their dreams. When she is not caring for her eight adult children (the Atlanta HL team), she is a loving mother of two at home.
Sadiq Keshwani Spinner Sadiq is an amazing dancer and master of many trades. Introduce him to a sport and he'll probably show you how it's played. His previous role involved event planning and project management. On his days off he enjoys time at vintage clothing stores and a virgin pineapple mojito (or 2!). Don’t let his boyish looks fool you, he obtained a Bachelors of Finance from the The King's College, and here at HiddenLevers, he means business.
Herman Owens The Creative Engineer Herman is a Frontend Engineer at HiddenLevers and focuses on bringing new ideas to fruition. Herman has over 15 years of experience with various coding languages and graphic design, starting off as a self-taught developer with small projects to his current role as a professional engineer with a bachelor’s degree working with one of the top financial planning institutions in Atlanta, GA to bring their ideas to light. Outside of the day to day work life, Herman still finds time to mentor aspiring developers and train the youth for leadership (from middle school to college level). Herman finds time to relax by cooking, playing video games, traveling, exploring the outdoors and taking pictures of all the above. He even finds time to catch a Pokémon or three, because “You gotta catch ‘em all”.

HiddenLevers Alumni

Steve Zuschin Businessman Steve Zuschin has been a key member of the HiddenLevers team, leading RIA sales and contributing to business development, operations, and marketing. He has a deep background in financial services, having worked in a number of roles at Northwestern Mutual. Mr. Zuschin is a graduate of California State University – Chico with a Bachelor's degree in finance. He is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild for his work in a groundbreaking commercial involving the sale of his beard.
André Fässler Europeman André is responsible for sales in Switzerland and other European wealth management capitals. He started his career in finance, trading derivatives and designing hedging strategies. After moving to the US, he worked at Merrill Lynch and Prudential, in Trading, Institutional Sales, Risk and Asset Management, Compliance. Previously, he was co-founder of a boutique Financial Planning firm in New York and has in-depth experience with cross-border fintech for US and Europe. André owns three motor bikes: an old English police bike, a Triumph, and a chopper.
Vincent Guyeaux Canadaman Vincent is helping develop an appetite for the HiddenLevers platform across Canada and the US. He has international management, sales and business development expertise, with a particular focus on Canada and China. Most recently he served as VP, Sales and Marketing and Board Member for Croesus, one of Canada's largest fintech companies. With stints at Apple and McGill University, Vincent has created an extended network of contacts in the finance and tech communities. He spends his spare time writing songs and playing guitar. Vincent only owns one bike: A Honda sport touring bike.
Ashleigh Nails Gospel Choir Leader Ashleigh helps operate the HiddenLevers messaging machine and spread the gospel of client facing risk tech. Through social media, digital campaigns, and conference programming, she gets fintech seekers to the front door of HiddenLevers. Refusing to live in some marketing silo, Ashleigh takes support calls herself just to make sure the customer experience is enjoyable. Miss Nails is a graduate of Troy University with a Bachelors in Marketing and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Communication from Purdue University.
Richard Owen Managing Director, Canada Richard is responsible for business development and enterprise sales for the Canada market. He brings tons of enterprise deal management, sales and business development expertise to the table, and previously served at Croesus and TD Wealth. After a 20 year tour working with Canadian global banks, asset managers and wealth management firms, he is giving everything he’s got to build HiddenLevers in the Canadian market. Outside work, he takes his kids on long road trips in the United States, to remind them that the grass is not greener. Richard holds an MBA from York University.