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Client Workflow With the HiddenLevers Client Workflow advisors get a streamlined journey taking a prospect or client through risk tolerance, pulling in current holdings + goals for a diagnostic, and building recommendations. From the workflow advisors can quickly generate a variety of client-facing output:
  • Investment Proposal
  • Interactive Stress Testing
  • Risk Profile Comparison
  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Investment Policy Statement
Stress Testing Use HiddenLevers to stress test and perform comparative analytics on individual securities, portfolios, households, and models. The platform analyzes stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, annuities, SMAs, real estate, options, and currencies, and also enables the upload of return series to analyze virtually any private investment.
Proposal Generation With HiddenLevers' cloud-based, next-level proposal generation system, you can set up templates in minutes/not days. With a couple button clicks you're ready to grow assets! You can customize your proposals to match the look and feel of your company.
Risk Profile The Risk Profile brings portfolio composition analytics to life! Use interactive widgets to help you analyze a portfolio for market cap, style, sector, and more.
Risk Profile Comparison Use Risk Profile Comparison to quickly compare the performance of up to four portfolios across multiple scenarios. Risk Profile Comparison enables you to present allocation options and discuss risk in real terms with clients.
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